The Art of Tending and Growing Grape Vines

If you have the desire to be the best grape grower and learn the most essential tool in becoming a legend, you will have to invest more of your time and hard work to be able to succeed. The art of tending and growing grape vines takes a lot of determination and perseverance to do so. But have no worries for this tips which I will share to you will surely be of great help to you. This might help in minimizing those errors that you might encounter as you go along.

First you’re going to need a seed to grow. You can have a fruit or a seed from a grown grape vine or you can have them in the nursery. Soak the seed and dry them for 10 days. After which mix it with seed growing mix and bury it 2 inches in the tray. Press further the soil in the tray to make sure there are no air sacs near the seeds.Cover the tray with plastic and put it in the cooler for about 2-3 months. Now that you have successfully grown your seed having your very first vine place it under the sun to be able to adjust to the humidity of the air and absorb enough sunlight as it grows.

Then after which you start to train the vine and select the base trunk which will be the founding root of the vine for the growing grapes process. Have the root grow up to 10” before burying it down to the ground. Install a vineyard for your vine to hold on to.

It is important to prune shoots that are growing perpendicularly to the vine as to keep the other shoots on track to where you want it to go. Having a position for you grape vine will be a key factor to grow grapes effectively.

After you have achieved in developing your vine, have a steady trellis for your vine to bear their fruits. Consider replacing wooden post with PVC or steel type post. it is important to have a good support for the vine because it will be costly if the support structure will suddenly collapse at the time your grape vine is bearing grapes.

Clear away other weeds that might entangle with your grape vine and have your vine covered with nets or fences. Pest control system is necessary to apply as birds and other parasites will invade your grape vine eventually. It also good to have a disease-control sprayed onto your vines for health purposes.

More importantly growing grape vines is not possible if your desire to learn is insufficient. Will be a waste of time and effort to have a half hearted passion towards grape growing, that is why if you have the desire to cultivate grape vines, have the will to burn that desire.

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